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The work that Gina has done with our dog, Sookie has been such a blessing! It is clear that she adores Sookie (and all dogs) and Sookie absolutely loves working with her. Gina is always positive, encouraging, and very patient. After working with Gina, Sookie has mastered many behaviors that have helped us a lot in our daily lives. We can now eat dinner peacefully with Sookie happily chilling on her bed! We are so thankful for the time that Gina has invested in our dog. Her work has really had a positive effect on our whole family!

Abbey W.


Last Christmas I took my 7 month old labradoodle, Gracie to the Shelby Farms Starry Nights Dog Walk. I was humiliated by Gracie’s lack of control! She pulled on the leash, lunged at every child and chased every dog! I knew I needed help! Gina started working with Gracie and me. She was so positive and kind to my puppy, yet she kept at it until Gracie would do the behavior or stop doing the unacceptable behavior. She has taught us slack leash walking, how to go to her bed on command, sit, wait, come, down, leave, drop. I can take Gracie walking now without a leash! No more frustrated owner! Thank you, Gina for teaching Gracie and I how to respectfully work together!

Gena C.

Betsy, Chloe, Bella, Benji & Bailey

Gina has been a neighbor of ours for the last three years. Two years ago, my family and I decided to go on a vacation and were unable to accommodate our five very special canines on our excursion. As real dog lovers, we have never, in 38 years of marriage, boarded any of our pups. Gina offered to watch them for the duration of our travels visiting our home five times a day to feed and let them outside. Gina exceeded our expectations with her attention to them, sending us messages and even videos of them playing. When we arrived home, the dogs were happy, healthy and well fed. Most important, our most aggressive dog was much calmer and giving Gina sweet puppy kisses! I could not have asked for more.

She has remained our sitter preference when we travel and has additionally taken on the challenges of training two of our five dogs; both are Morkies (that is, a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier), currently 7 years old. Both girls responded to her training extremely well. She developed a pattern of rewarding eye contact and she had very positive results. Both girls grew to love and respect her as “the boss.”

 Betsy, the feistier of the two has calmed down tremendously and responds immediately to commands to come, sit, and lay down. Chloe took it a degree farther with a huge success heeling on walks and sitting when a car passes. Both dogs get so excited to see Gina and run for the leashes when she arrives.

 There is no doubt Gina LOVES dogs which became her initiative to acquire training capabilities. I believe her to have the necessary characteristics to excel and grow as our best friends (and others) canine trainer.

Wendy and Bethany B.



Gina does a wonderful job and has helped tremendously in getting our rambunctious 2 year old Sheepdog, Quincy, to be better behaved!  In fact the other day, as Gina was on speakerphone with me, Quincy heard her voice and immediately sat down!  Amazing! She has a great way of being firm, yet gentle and loving.  She has made our household a more peaceful place and Quincy a better boy! Highly recommend!

Kevin B.

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