As a life-long lover of all things dogs, I turned my love for dogs into a passion for educating myself and others on the wonders of training through positive reinforcement.  

I received my certificate as a Professional Dog Trainer from Catch Canine Trainers Academy.

In 2021, I also received my CPDT-KA certification,  (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers - Knowledge Assessed). The CCPDT is the leading independent certification council for professional dog trainers. Because dog training is an unregulated field, choosing a CCPDT Certified Professional is a smart choice.

I will always continue to further my education through various classes, webinars, and workshops and consider it a privilege to use my knowledge and experience to serve dog owners and their dogs through training.

While I am delighted to no end to work directly with dogs in training, I am equally passionate about coaching, equipping, and encouraging their humans. I have met many dog owners who are at a loss and feel hopeless when it comes to knowing what to do about their dog's behavior. If you're there, I am here to tell you, you can do this! Working together, we will create a plan that suits you and your dog; one that gives you hope and confidence and that strengthens your bond with your dog. And I am obsessed with YOUR success! Success in achieving your training goals with your dog, whatever they may be.

In addition to working with dogs in their family setting, I have enjoyed working with shelter/rescue dogs to help prepare them to transition into their forever homes. This little sweetie pictured below is “Memphis”. She needed some help with impulse control and basic manners. With patience and consistency, she caught on quickly and came to love our training sessions. She was eventually adopted into her forever home by a wonderful young family. They describe her as a sweet, well-mannered girl who has quickly become a beloved member of their family. 

“Memphis” is just one adorable example of how training with love, compassion and consistency can actually change a life. For dogs and people alike! 

Have I mentioned that I love what I do?!